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Flower Painting


Flower Painting

Shanley Triggs

One of my favorite painting subjects as is true of many artists, is flowers.  Summer is so filled with flowers either in the garden or growing wild in the fields.  I love to pick and paint the wild flowers whether it is bringing them inside or just where they grow naturally.  It is so inspiring.  Flowers give us so much joy through all senses and that is how I approach painting them.  Touching the petals and turning the flower from side to side and as I am doing that, the scent is filling my space which is also part of the process of painting my flower. The shapes of the flower itself, its petals, its leaves which are as important as the blossom attracts me and excites me when creating a composition whether it be simple or complicated and the color is always beautiful.  Of course, I can take artistic license and change it a bit if I have to.  I am not a botanical artist.  I am particular about my drawing of the subject flower but it is an interpretation and not botanical.  

This a painting I did one June morning after picking wild flowers when taking a walk near my house.  I call it "Morning Walk".

Morning Walk