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United States

Spring Medley 2016.jpg

Prints and Original Works

Original paintings are available as well as mini-prints and larger prints.

Sunflower Pair 4 x 4
V-9839 deer.jpg
The Clearing
from 23.00
Westford Barn .jpg
Vermont Fall, Westford
from 23.00
moose above pond jpeg.jpg
Moose of Vermont
rooster copy 4x4_edited-3.jpg
Rooster With Hens
from 22.00
Vermont  4 seasons_edited-3.jpg
Vermont-Four Seasons
from 88.00
Goldfinch 1copy.jpg
Goldfinch On Branch
Woodstock Bridge.jpg
Woodstock Bridge
from 22.00
Zinnias 2017 copy_bEST w name.jpg
from 23.00
from 22.00
cardinal- B-9545 copy_edited-1.jpg
from 22.00
Daisies 2017 facebook.jpg
Daisies in Pitcher
from 25.00
Ballard barn 2016 with namejpg copy.jpg
Vermont Winter- Georgia
Flower mix.jpg
Flower Mix
from 25.00
Lilac jars name_edited-1.jpg
"Lilacs With Pansies and Primrose"
from 26.00
Lilac 2017 alone name.jpg
Lilac in Jar
from 27.00
Flower show daffs and tulips_edited-2.jpg
A Gift of Spring
from 22.00
%22Pansies in Vase%22.jpg
"Pansies in Vase"
from 22.00
Roses in Cup_edited-facebook.jpg
"Roses in Love"
from 25.00
Westford Barn copy- website-2.jpg
Westford Barn
from 28.00
Sunflowers at Towne farm_copyrightjpg copy.jpg
Vermont Summer-Towne's Corner
from 28.00
camel's Hump 11 copy first_edited-2.jpg
Camel's Hump- Vermont
from 20.00
cows in pasture 2015_edited-7.jpg
Cows of Vermont on Mears Farm, Milton.
from 20.00
Cows in Rowley pasture_edited-1.jpg
Rowley Cows of Vermont
from 28.00
Lilac the BEST_edited-1.jpg
Lilacs in Vase
sunflower web-1.jpg
A Gift of Sun
from 22.00
Morning Walk jpg_edited-1.jpg
Morning Walk
from 24.00
View From Within E.jpg
View from Within
from 20.00
hollyhocks at Shelburne-b.jpg
Hollyhocks at Shelburne Museum
lilly of valley w.jpg
Lily of the Valley
from 20.00
from 26.00
Hydrangea in Vase E.jpg
Hydrangea in Vase
from 20.00
violets 1- 12 x12.jpg
from 22.00
Spring Medley 2016.jpg
"Spring Medley"
from 20.00
Irises 2011  3_edited-1.jpg
from 20.00
Pansies 2015 copy.jpg
from 20.00
from 20.00
Rose in Fan light.jpg
Rose in Fan Vase
from 20.00
Irises 2016_edited-2.jpg
Blue Irises
from 20.00
Tulips in vase 2016 copy_edited-1.jpg
"Tulips in Vase"
from 20.00
Sunflower Against Sky_edited-1.jpg
Sunflowers Against Sky
from 20.00
Black-Eyed Susans E_edited-1.jpg
Black-Eyed Susans
from 22.00
Delphinium in Cup E_edited-1.jpg
Delphinium in Cup
from 20.00
Calla Lily E_edited-2.jpg
Calla Lily
from 20.00
Devino Farm, Milton, VT.jpg
Devino Farm, Milton, VT
from 20.00
Fairfax, Vermont E_edited-1.jpg
Fairfax, VT
from 20.00
Fletcher, Vermont.jpg
Fletcher, VT
from 20.00
Georgia, Vermont.jpg
Georgia, VT
from 20.00
Johnson, VT.jpg
Johnson, VT
from 20.00
Melaven House Fall 1jpg.jpg
Melaven House in Autumn
from 20.00
North Hero, Vermont .jpg
North Hero, VT
from 28.00
Vermont in March.jpg
Vermont in March
from 20.00
Vermont Fall-Fairfield_edited-1.jpg
Vermont Fall - Fairfield
from 20.00
Mrs. Cardinal.jpg
Mrs. Cardinal
Vermont Winter -Fairfield.jpg
Vermont Winter - Fairfield
from 20.00
Milton, Vermont_edited-1.jpg
Milton, VT
from 20.00
One Sail Old.jpg
Lake Champlain -One Sail
from 22.00
Lake Champlain Sunset -best copy.jpg
Sunset on Lake Champlain
from 22.00
Roses in green vase_edited-1 copy.jpg
"Heart of Roses"
from 20.00